CleRenda McGrady is a mother of four, a best-selling author, life coach, and inspirational speaker, who finds purpose in making a difference in the lives of girls and women everywhere.

McGrady is the founder of Project P.U.S.H.,which stands for “Purpose-led, Unstoppable, Success-bound and Hope-filled.

A passionate philanthropist, McGrady is the founder of Project P.U.S.H., which stands for “Purpose-led, Unstoppable, Success-bound and Hope-filled.” The non-profit foundation inspires and empowers women, funds educational pursuits through scholarships, and supports community and international outreach. To date, Project P.U.S.H. has donated nearly one million dollars to support these efforts.

Also developed by McGrady, Women Who P.U.S.H.! is an annual one day conference in the fall, designed for women seeking to PUSH through the limiting beliefs and thoughts that have kept them from fulfilling lifelong dreams, visions and desires. McGrady and her husband also created The Tracy and CleRenda McGrady Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of chilvdren and their learning process. Over the last 15 years, the foundation has contributed more than two million dollars to various charities, both domestically and internationally. Recognized as one of the “Top 30 Influential Women of Houston,” McGrady is a successful entrepreneur and certified life coach, inspiring people of all ages to embrace possibility and live the best version of themselves.

Best Selling Author, Inspirational Speaker, Life Coach and Philanthropist

“I work with women who already have a certain level of success, to overcome their limiting beliefs that keep them stuck, settling and unsatisfied, who are ready to live a life of purpose, passion and possibility.”

Some of McGrady’s awards and honors include:

2017 Houston Chronicle 10 Best Dressed; Houston Woman’s Magazine 2015 Top 50 Influential Women; Inspire Women Community Leader Award; Top 30 Most Influential Women of Houston; Audrey H. Lawso n IMPACT Award; TWEF(Texas Women’s Empowerment Foundation) International Empowerment Award; Sweet 16 Women Making a Difference Award; Smart Girl Foundation Outstanding Achievement Award/Honoree.

McGrady holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications from North Carolina State University, and a Master’s of Education and Speech Pathology from North Carolina Central University. She and her husband live in Houston with their four children. For more information on CleRenda, please visit