Push Thru On Purpose Action Guide/Journal


Push Thru! On Purpose Action Guide/Journal: 31 Days of Self Coaching, Reflection & Discovery (213 pages)

Get ready to uncover your greatest breakthroughs and moments of impact with Push Thru on Purpose! 31 Days of Self-Coaching, Reflection & Discovery. Designed for the purposeful and intentional, this workbook is a supplemental resource inspired by CleRenda McGrady’s best-selling book, PushThru! Redefine and Create Your Own Success Story. Follow CleRenda on a 31-day journey where you will answer questions and journal your thoughts on topics covered in her bestseller that have impacted many. If you’ve had a burning desire to fulfill a dream, reach a goal, or make a difference in the world, you’ll want to experience Push Thru On Purpose! 31 Days of Self-Coaching, Reflection & Discovery (213 pages).

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Be challenged with Push Thru!: On Purpose, the accompanying workbook to the best-selling book, Push Thru!: Redefine and create your own success story. This workbook can be done in conjunction with the book, and it is also designed to be used separately.  Be challenged and enjoy 31 days of self-coaching, reflection, and discovery, as you continue on the path of living “On Purpose!”  Great for independent study or with a group!

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