For many of us uncovering our life’s purpose is like a wild goose chase. The uncertainty and confusion about our personal purpose often times causes us to play it small and prevents us from fully stepping into our fullest potential, possibility and power. As a result, we reduce, shrink, scale back and abandon our dreams and vision. But I want you to know that YOU are being called to something greater and bigger! Surely you feel the inner tug and nudge that “there’s more!” And you’re right! There’s more to you and there’s more for you!

You are not bound by your current situation or circumstances. It’s time to P.U.S.H. beyond the things that have kept you stuck and stagnate. P.U.S.H. beyond the negative emotions and ignore the voice that whispers to you that you “can’t” or “shouldn’t.” P.U.S.H. beyond mediocracy and complacency.

What we stand for

The Project P.U.S.H. Foundation

Project P.U.S.H., stands for “Purpose-led, Unstoppable, Success-bound and Hope-filled.”  A 501c3 Foundation, the Project P.U.S.H. mission is to inspire, ignite and empower teens and women to fulfill their dreams and shift from where they are to where they want to be.

Project P.U.S.H., stands for “Purpose-led, Unstoppable, Success-bound and Hope-filled.”

Founded by CleRenda McGrady, the non-profit foundation funds educational pursuits through scholarships, and supports community and international outreach. To date, McGrady and Project P.U.S.H. has donated nearly one million dollars to support these efforts, which includes over $500,000 in grants to Women in Ministry in Missions, $300,000 to refurbishing two school libraries within the city of Houston, and $20,000 in scholarships to the Girls Who P.U.S.H. College Scholarship Program among other programs.  

A portion of the proceeds from the Push Thru! Book sales benefit Project P.U.S.H.  



For anyone that has been feeling internal “labor pains” – the inner feelings of restlessness and emptiness tugging and nudging that there is more to gain and more to give.

Utilizing various educational tactics, the symposiums are uniquely designed for women of all ages. Audiences are enlightened and empowered by nationally recognized speakers, coaches and authors. A unique and exhilarating experience, each event encourages participants to embrace positive thinking and initiate a better, more fulfilling and purposeful way of life.

Empowering women

Women Who P.U.S.H. (October 21, 2017)

Being a woman is often synonymous with being a giver. Because we give everything from birthing an actual life, to giving our time, energy, attention into the lives of others, we often neglect giving back into ourselves and giving birth to the things, vision, desires and ideas that puts life back to us. Whether it is our family, children, husbands, career, ministry or our philanthropic endeavors, life can tend to drain us where we feel we have given so much, and nothing is left for us. Many times, we are more willing to stay in the unfulfilling places of mediocrity, because of fear and other limiting beliefs, instead of pushing to our own personal best!

Women Who P.U.S.H.! is a one day conference designed to inspire and inform women of all ages on how to live a life that is Purpose-led, Unstoppable, Success-bound and Hope-filled. Women Who P.U.S.H. is an innovative conference designed to elevate and educate today’s purpose-driven woman. The event I is designed to ignite the hearts and minds of those who desire to live in pursuit of a bigger vision and version of themselves. Using a formulated blend of strategies, stellar speakers, stories and interactive lessons, the experience is a high-energy empowerment experience. Women are inspired to identify the “sabbys” that are sabotaging or limiting their advancement and given the tools to navigate through complacency and PUSH into the next phase of their life and goals.

Girl power

Girls Who P.U.S.H.

In a culture that bombards girls with standards and pulls at their attention from every possible angle, it’s important to have messages and images that counter the world’s ideals and unrealistic expectations. Girls Who P.U.S.H. is all about empowering our girls to believe they are beautifully and perfectly tailor-made just the way they are! Girls Who P.U.S.H. events and programs are geared toward middle and high school girls. The goal of the program is to teach girls to view themselves as the beautiful, valued masterpieces they were divinely created to be. Girls Who P.U.S.H. focuses on helping girls:

  • Shift their mindsets
  • Build confidence and develop a positive self-image
  • Understand their value and self-worth
  • Foster healthy relationships with family and friends
  • Create personal action plans and strategies for success


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