From the outside, life coach and inspirational speaker CleRenda McGrady seemed to have it all – the man, the money, a mansion, and all the many “things” that wealth and status could offer. But inside there was a huge void. How could the wife of a seven-time NBA All-Star player with four beautiful babies, a Masters degree and access to all the finer things be unsettled, unfulfilled and frustrated? Yet, that’s exactly where she found herself. “Success” had nothing to do with all the stuff and status. Something bigger was waiting to be birthed. Push Thru! Redefine and Create Your Own Success Story is McGrady’s story of overcoming that nagging void deep down inside her. She birthed a business, a nonprofit, and powerful empowerment events for girls and women to connect with their purpose and dreams. Push Thru! is an inspirational guide on how we can all breakthrough to realize our dreams and embrace our destiny.

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Push Thru! is an inspirational guide on  how we can all breakthrough to realize our dreams and embrace our destiny.

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I admire CleRenda McGrady and all that she stands for. She shares her life values in her first book. I suggest you drop everything and start reading; the book is that important. You can thank me later.

— Pat WilliamsOrlando Magic Senior Vice President

This is a great book to inspire those who have been sitting on the bench to get off the bench. An easy and inspirational read! Love the bible verses as well. It made so much sense to connect our purpose with what God wants since He is the creator and made us for a purpose. Thanks for writing this book!

— Anita CarmanFounder & President of Inspire Women

This book is thought provoking, inspiring and definitely a must have tool that can be used by anyone who aspires to birth their vision, dream and fulfill their purpose. What I appreciate most are the questions for self-reflection and the use of personal stories that all can relate to. This is definitely a must read to propel you to the next level of your destiny! I am ready to "push from the right place.

— LaKeisha

I absolutely love this book. It is informative and inspirational, and readers will be able to identify themselves in the book. I just downloaded mine and I am enjoying every page. I recommend it to anyone serious about moving forward. Great message!

— Linda

This is a truly inspired work of art. CleRenda has given words to pages and brought them to a step-by-step plan for successful living with purpose. I literally could not put the book down because each page gave more clarity and confirmation on how I should be "pushing” towards the purpose given to me. There is work for me to do, and I am ready to push.

— Robert

I want to thank you for sharing testimonies to rejuvenate what's been dormant inside of me for quite some time...It was inspirational, motivational and awakening. Your voice was heard and opened up a pathway for me to open doors for others. I will cherish your book and be glad to share your wisdom to others with your beautiful words. Your book is the only book I've read in the last 7 years that has opened the door for me to "snap out of it" and do something with my life. You are such an inspiration.

— Cherie